Saturday, April 26, 2008

On both sides of the North/South divide (at the same time)

I see David Anderson, Labour MP for Blaydon, is calling on the government to move more government jobs out of London and the South East to the North.

Moves to increase the number and quality of jobs in the region are indeed welcome. No argument there! But the problem for Mr Anderson is that we have yet another example of inconsistency in what he says, to add to his already huge mountain of inconsistent and contradictory statements.

Just a few months ago he was arguing the exact opposite of what he was earlier this week - that jobs should remain in London and not be moved to the North.

Mr Anderson backed a Parliamentary motion on 9th July 2007 which called on the Health and Safety Executive, a government body, to drop plans to move jobs from London to the North. The motion he backed claimed, “that up to 80 per cent. of its staff will not be prepared to relocate” and that the moving of jobs to the North “will result in a massive loss of expertise.”

The motion he supported concluded with the demand that this government body “reconsider its decision.”

Were government ministers to listen to Mr Anderson on the location of government jobs (and many other issues!), they could be forgiven for being rather confused by his conflicting demands.

Perhaps Mr Anderson would like to explain why he is arging for 2 very opposing policies? Is he trying to be on both sides of the North South divide at the same time?


Anonymous said...

Is he a pointless MP under a pointless PM?

Anonymous said...

Read the Journal Letters Column. Perhaps Mr Wallace should brush up on HIS facts before commenting.