Saturday, April 19, 2008

The catch up

Sitting in the hairdresser's shop in Newcastle as I am now, having my natural highlights removed, reminds me of being on the train. It is a time to do some reading (still plodding through Peter Hennessey's 'Having it so Good') and to write more blog posts.

I managed to miss a few things off the blog through the week. One of them was to say that I had completed the next edition of 'North East Democrat'. I emailed it out to members in the region on Wednesday. I reused a couple of stories in the Democrat that had first appeared on my blog. The main one was the story of Labour MP for Gateshead East, Sharon Hodgson, calling for free healthy school meals living rather uncomfortably with her demand for cheap cola and junk food for kids when they go to the cimema. We're still waiting for an explanation as to how she can attack parents who feed their kids unhealthy diets whilst making it easier to feed kids junk food when at the Odeon.

Wednesday evening also saw Richard acting out a role in Animal Rescue when he turned up on the doorstep at midnight with a hedgehog. He was on his was back to the flat when he rescued the hedgehog from being attacked by a fox in the street. We released it into the garden and fed it a sachet of cat food - whiskas with all the trimmings. Given the garden in London is full of snails, there's probably plenty for it to eat naturally. As for our cat Jess, she took revenge on us for using her food by catching a mouse in the garden and then leaving the half eaten remains in the bath, ready for us to find in the morning. I took a photo of Richard and his new hedgehog friend. It will appear shortly on the blog. Fortunately it didn't occur to me to take a photo of the half eaten mouse.

Meanwhile, back up here in Gateshead, we went potato and onion planting this morning on the allotment, after delivering a few hundred focuses. Alas, technology interrupted my agricultural pursuits. The phone rang a number of times and I got tied up in conversations about leaflets. So, I still have about 50 onion plants to put in the ground. Given I have promised colleagues in Cowley Street some culinary delights made from home grown food, I realise I have to get the planting job finished. The Cowley St Catering Corp has a reputation to keep up!

Anyway, off for my blue rinse in a moment!

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