Monday, April 07, 2008

The Monday Morning Blog - believe it when it arrives

It's Monday morning and as you would expect, I am at Newcastle Station waiting for the train to London. The past three weeks have seen my train cancelled. All looks okay at the moment but I did say that in my post last week only to find my train was cancelled as it arrived in the station. So I will believe my train has arrived when it gets here, I'm on it and we are leaving the station.

With snow having fallen, train companies do have an off-the-shelf excuse for delays and cancellations. But it is only a light sprinkling up here on Tyneside for a snow storm, a rather disappointing and half hearted attempt at a late winter. Mind you, it was useful that what snow did fall came down after Saturday afternoon - for that was when I was out delivering focus leaflets. We had a meeting last night in my house and found that others had not been so fortunate with their delivery timing.

Breaking news: my train has arrived, I am on board, we are leaving. It's a miracle!

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