Sunday, April 13, 2008

Proud to be...a political traveller

Councillor Ian Proud of Newcastle City Council, has, shall we say, a colourful history. He started off many years ago as a Labour councillor. Then he defected to the Lib Dems. Not content there, he decided to return to the Labour fold, though by then, Labour's ranks on the City Council were somewhat depleted. But Labour's welcome did not last long. Mumbling of discontent about his performance meant Cllr Proud took up only a short term tenancy in the Labour Party. Rumours have it that an attempt to switch back to the Lib Dems would not have succeeded and so, Cllr Proud went Independent (that's all the rage at the moment across the border in Northumberland).

Now, Cllr Proud has defected again. This time he has appeared in UKIP. He is due for re-election in May and is standing under his new colours. Do not expect a UKIP breakthrough in Newcastle!

Bets however are being taken as to where Mr Proud will turn up next.....

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kevin scott said...

I must have inspired you, Jonathan!