Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Editorial conferences in Sainsburys

I left Cowley St tonight at 9pm and headed up to Victoria Street. For most of the route I was on the phone to Jane Smithard, chair of the editorial board of Parliamentary Campaigner, as we decided the issues to be included in the next edition. I was still on the phone as I wandered around Sainsburys trying to find something for dinner that was vaguely vegan. So between discussions on the failure of Gordon Brown, the impact of the loss of the 10p income tax rate and the closure of post offices, we also had a discussion about the contents of by shopping basket. In the end, I didn't take Jane's advice to go for an American Hot pizza (cheese topping falls at the no-diary-products-through-the-week hurdle) but ended up with two bagels, some potatos and a box of eggs (not vegan but less damaging to produce than milk products). The phone conversation ended by the time I got to the cash till. I had eaten one of the bagels by the time I got to Victoria and the other one before I got on the train.

At least however the change in my diet is having a positive effect. I have lost a small amount of weight. Well, okay, a tiny slither and my belt is still feeling the strain, just a tiny bit less than a few weeks ago! As for my carbon footprint, hopefully that is pinching a bit as well.

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Wow, that's multitasking!