Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Brexit seminar this afternoon

My only council meeting today is this afternoon when we will be having a seminar about how Gateshead Council is preparing for Brexit. I was the one who insisted earlier this year that we have this seminar so obviously I will be there. The news coming out nationally however is looking like an agreement on Johnson's latest proposals is virtually impossible. I suspect the Conservatives always knew this. I reckon Johnson put forward proposals he knew would be rejected as he is a prisoner of the extreme Brexiteers who want a no deal departure. They call the tune in the Conservative Party.

A no deal departure will allow the building of a completely different model of economics on the wreckage of the British economy, an extreme free market, minimal state intervention, low regulation, low standards approach. Their vision is of Britain as Europe's offshore Singapore. Britain leaving with a deal means Britain continuing to conform, by agreement, with EU rules and regulation. The Brexiteers' alternative will require wholesale demolition of significant parts of the UK economy. Kiss goodbye to farming, car manufacturing and so on. That's their dream, for the rest of us a nightmare.

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