Friday, April 03, 2009

The barriers go up at National Express

No, they haven't seen me leading the Charge of the Light Brigade. It's much worse than that! Work is taking place at Kings Cross which looks as though it is to set up ticket barriers. So not only do we have the privilege of having our trains cancelled by National Express, we can add to that the privilege of being delayed at the station as hundreds of people, complete with bags galore, attempt to squeeze through the barriers. It will be chaos. So, are you up to the National Express steeplechase gold cup challenge? Get ready to enjoy the spectacle! As for those of us who will be competing on this obstacle course, have pity on us.

I did of course expect this work to be carried out. Last year National Express announced they were seeking planning permission to install barriers at Newcastle Central. I found out as The Journal phoned me for a comment. Writing blog posts about this bus turned train operator certainly helps to get me noticed, even if it hasn't led to the end of my train service being cancelled.

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