Friday, April 17, 2009

No BNP candidate in Chopwell and Rowlands Gill

I have just received notification of who isn't standing in the Chopwell and Rowlands Gill By-election, the ward next to mine in Gateshead. And the BNP are not standing. I know we are. I know Labour are (they are defending what is one of their afest seats in the area). Not sure about the Conservatives though I guess they will fly the flag. The BNP didn't stand here last year but they did in a previous contest. I guess they think western Gateshead is rather barren territory for them.

The byelection is on 14th May. It's all hands on deck now. With nominations closing today, I can blog a bit more about the contest. I have personally delivered 1000 leaflets in the ward over the past month or so. It tends to be done on Sunday afternoons when I enjoy a walk around Rowlands Gill watching the red kites swooping above me.

Meanwhile, my spies tell me that Labour aim to be out and about in Chopwell on Saturday morning.

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kevin scott said...

Surely, you received notification of who is standing, Jonathan, not who isn't?

Why should no BNP candidate shock you?

Are there any UKIPers or Greens or far-left candidates (who were getting themselves very excited about this contest, for some reason)?

We didn't run a candidate in a by-election in your own backyard either recently?

There is a reason for this, but I will let you guess first.

Andrea Cave said...

Let me guess (and a wild one) Kevin, throwing all your party's regional money at the Euros in June instead of wasting it in a council by election?

kevin scott said...

Half right, Andrea.

Plus there is a much more promising by-election ongoing in Hartlepool just now.