Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did the earth move for you today?

Do you remember the Labour attack on the Lib Dems before the general election, claiming we had "uncosted" spending plans, and our "figures didn't add up"? Vince Cable was slammed for wanting to spend a few hundred thousand pounds on bee research, one of the "100 uncosted spending commitments" Labour dribbled and drooled about. The end of the world was predicted if such sums were spent. Now the same Labour party casually announces that they have put us one hundred thousand million zillion pounds in debt. Oh, and the end of the world must be near as well as they have also agreed to funding bee research.

Can anyone take these people seriously again?

The announcement of £175 billion of debt this year was earth shattering. This is of earthquake proportions.
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Anonymous said...

Not a single mention in this BBC report that MAYBE GM crops are the cause of the bees' death...

(since some GM crops cause the bees to generate pesticides in their guts)

"GM Crops, World Food & Water Crisis"...