Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jacqui Smith's carbon footprint on MPs' expenses

The Sunday Times lists some of Jacqui Smith's expenses for housing her husband. We all know about the cost of the Smith family porn viewing habits (what they do in their own home is their own business - except when the taxpayer has to pick up the tab). What is included in the list however is a patio heater.

So at a time of rising fuel poverty when hundreds of thousands of people, especially the elderly, cannot afford to heat their homes, those very same people are having their taxes spent on heating the great outdoors on the patio of the Smith family. Not only are these heaters absolutely appalling for the environment, morally and socially it is absolutely wrong that such an item could be claimed as an expense.

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that there doesn't appear to be much hope of Smith losing her seat at the next election if the Tories can't even hold on to the council seats they already have in her area.