Friday, April 17, 2009

Email newsletter just done

I suspect my email account at the Lib Dems nearly burnt a hole in the Cowley St server tonight. Firstly, my Gateshead colleague and regional Euro agent Frank Hindle wanted me to send a message out to everyone on my North East Democrat list. Then I sent out eFocus, my email newsletter to constituents which had additions only minutes before I hit the send button. So a four figure number of people who got emails from me this evening. Next week brings the North East Democrat (publication hopefully on Tuesday) and more eFocuses. What did we do before email?

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kevin scott said...

Has your agent started sweating over your MEP's shrinking chances of being re-elected in June already, Jonathan?

Andrea Cave said...

If anyone is panicking I think it will be the Labour MEP

kevin scott said...

No way.

He will easily be re-elected.

As will the leading Tory.

The question mark is over the Lib Dem, methinks.