Friday, April 03, 2009

What's coming up this weekend

I am now on the train heading back to the North East. The weekend will be the usual mix of allotment, Focuses, campaigning and video making plus a hush hush meeting about which I ain't going to tell you anything. We also have to make a visit to B&Q. I don't know what for, I simply got the message from David that we need to go to buy something for the allotment.

Anyway, I need to shoot some video about our drive to self-sufficiency. Surprisingly, my videos about this are getting a healthy number of viewings on YouTube. There seems to be an 'appetite' for them! I never would have guessed so many people would be interested in how to make nettle tea or build a greenhouse! I also need to do some research for some history videos I'm planning though whether or not I'll fit that in is questionable.

I also need to make a start with Parliamentary Campaigner. Publication date is this Thursday so I'd better get a move on.

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