Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Red faces as Labour councillors forget words to Red Flag

Thursday 26th March saw the final meeting of Blyth Valley District Council. The decision to consign the authority to the history books had been controversial, but nevertheless, as the ruling Labour group gathered to rule for one last time, the tones of "Red Flag" started to pour from the lips of the "socialist" brethren.

Alas, this last act of defiance against the new Lib Dem run Northumberland Council (or was it against their own government? - both are viewed as the enemy by the departing brothers and sisters) turned out to be a bit of a disaster as so few of them knew the words!

Apparently many of the red hot socialists had to fill in their gaps in their knowledge of the lyrics by singing "la la la". No one had thought to download the words to this Socialist singalong favourite from the internet.

I guess they won’t be keeping the Red Flay flying there anymore.


JackP said...

I did initially think this very amusing (and to be fair, still do), but I guess a lot depends on how much they managed to remember (although if they choose to play out with it, that is entirely their own fault).

As a leftie myself, when I looked up the lyrics I realised I would have been lost after the first verse/chorus.

But then again, would you - or anyone else - really have done much better with God Save The Queen? I can remember we're supposed to crush rebellious Scots, but never in which verse that's in...

Anonymous said...

"The Corruption of New Labour: Britain’s Watergate?"

Page 1 (Warning there are a lot of pages,what do you expect...just one page)...