Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Monday morning blog on Tuesday - time for a Tory apology now

The Tories are demanding an apology from Gordon Brown over the Damian McBride affair. They are owed one but don't wait by the phone. As we all know, neither Brown nor Labour do apologies. I'm still waiting for an apology from Labour 17 years after they ran a pretty vile campaign against me in Hexham in the 1992 general election.

Yet there is something missing from all this. The Tories themselves owe the Lib Dems an apology. For years their candidate in Watford conducted a campaign of criminal damage and smears against Lib Dems in the constituency. The candidate ended up being found guilty after a long running police investigation and a major court case. The candidate has since gone but there has not been a word of regret or apology from the Tories. Watford was, at the time, a target seat for the Tories. The chances are that the criminal behaviour of their former candidate has sealed the Tories' fate of coming 3rd in Watford.

So, David Cameron, despite repeated requests for an apology, nothing is forthcoming. It would appear that, like Gordon, you don't do apologies.
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