Friday, April 03, 2009

The Brown G-string and the smile on his face

The G20 circus has now left town and Gordon has enjoyed himself. I hadn't seen him smile like that since he announced the abolition of the 10p rate and thought he'd got away with it. Pity for him that he has to stop hanging around with his fereign buddies and return to work with all those Labour ministers and MPs who have grown to despair of him.

Trade credits and the decision of the creditor nations such as China to pump a trillion dollars into the IMF is a significant step. No doubt Brown will claim it was all down to him. Perhaps he had some hand in the outcome, or perhaps it was going to happen anyway as world leaders could see the dire consequences of not oiling the wheels of international trade.

Action on tax havens was also welcome and on this, Sarkozy can probably claim more credit than Brown. After all, the latter has, since 1997, been the protector of offshore tax havens. Only recently has be realised he's been seen hanging around with the wrong kids on the financial block and has turned on them to create the impression he's been against them all along.

It appeared yesterday that Brown had pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the agreement. As is always the case with Brown however, wait for the headlines and euphoria to die down and then look again at the rabbit. Too often in the past, the white rabbit pulled out of the hat is little more than the victim of a spin doctoral roadkill which is already reeking and rotting. We shall need to see what the G20 agreement details are before we should make our final judgement.

It could be that Emperor Gordon is posing in his new clothes and until the euphoria has passed, no one can bring themselves to tell him all he is wearing to cover his embarrassment is his G-string.

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January 2002

"New Labour linked to world's most corrupt firms"

"The Patricia Hewitt link"...