Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alan Beith as speaker

Alan Beith has put his hat in the ring to be the new speaker. Alan is superbly qualified for the post, not the least because he is respected across the parties. So I wish him well and if he is successful, I know he will do a good job.

The small drawback is that the speaker goes from being a party politician to being above politics. The effect of that will be that we lose our only Lib Dem MP is the region.
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kevin scott said...

Has he any juicy expense claims?

Anonymous said...

Two posts have disappeared?.Not deleting free speech Jonathan? and you a Lib Dem?.

"Lib Dem chief executive Lord Rennard to quit"

"Lord Rennard has been facing criticism over his expenses claims, but a party spokeswoman insisted there was no link to his departure"...

Andrea Cave said...

I think any juicy expenses would have come to light with Sir Alan by now Kevin.

I think he will make an excellent speaker. I have one question though. Does an MP who is Speaker/Deputy Speaker still have the right to speak up for their constituents on issues affecting their constituency? If not - I suspect that will cost him a great deal of his huge personal vote.

kevin scott said...

You obviously haven't been paying attention, Andrea!

Andrea Cave said...

No, I admit I haven't Kevin.

Tell me more
Tell me more
Did he claim quite a lot

Tell me more
Tell me more
Does his name have a blot?

Ok - I will shut up and stop trying to sing - lol.

Not the case of failing to pay attention Kevin. I have hardly had a minute to myself over the last 9 days - totally behind with everything.