Friday, May 01, 2009

The Eagle has landed

Back from annual council meeting in Gateshead. The new mayor has been appointed. He is John Eagle, member for Bridges ward in central Gateshead. He was described as "one of the longest serving members of the council" by his proposer who pointed out he had been elected in 1998. Given that I was first elected in 1987, what does that make me? Part of the fixtures and fittings or a permanent feature of the Gateshead political landscape, like a granite mountain, gradually being eroded away over time!? Strangely, I am still one of the youngest members on the authority after 22 years.

Anyway John. Good luck in the year ahead.

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kevin scott said...

I bumped into John last night.

John likes talking to me, (I think it must be the cut and thrust of real political debate he doesn't get in the Labour party or the council chamber) even though he was carpeted by his leader, Mick Henry, at the last local election count for doing so!

I wished him all the best, then ripped him to shreds (IMHO) over Labour's open door immigration policy and the Abraham's donation scandal. No charges!! That is criminal!!!

I meant to ask him what his preferred charity is during his tenure as Mayor, hoping he would say TWAFA, since he is a member of that austere organisation.

They already scam £25K from taxpayers in Tyne & Wear, but I know they could do with a helping hand in the run-up to the Euro elections.

Isn't that right Paul? Oh, and don't forget to tell John what I have said about him on here as well!

We can talk about it the next time I bump into him! lol