Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Labour MP thinks the average family spends over £8000 a month

Roberta Blackman-Woods is the barely known Labour MP for Durham City where she is defending a majority of around 3,000 over the Lib Dems. Hopefully, she will be one of those swept out at the general election when a bit of serious sweeping-out-of-the-contents-of-the-political-stable action by the electorate will reduce Labour's ranks to a rump.

She is a mega-super-loyalist backer of the Labour government, always voting for the whip. Her latest claim however is a real eyebrow raiser. According to her, the average family is benefitting to the tune of £200 a month from the VAT cut.

To achieve that sort of saving, the "average family" will have to spend in the region of £8,000 a month on VAT rated goods.

Not even MPs spending their full 2nd homes allowance will come close that that figure! This one really does take the biscuit (VAT zero rated of course!)

I'm sure Roberta Deadman-Walking's constituents will be interested to know how much she thinks they all have to spend.

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