Sunday, May 03, 2009

Even the ultra-loyalist Blears turns on Brown

Okay, so she is a Blairite, but Hazel Blears has a reputation for being a Labour loyalist come-what-may. She always had a chirpie, rather irritating, often reality-free response to every Labour setback. So if she is making critical comment, the rot in the Labour party must be so far advanced that it is almost impossible to reverse in time to save them from a poor general election result.

I still hold to the view that it will be difficult for the Conservatives to emerge after the general electio with a majority. Labour in self-destruct mode will however hasten their own demise.
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Anonymous said...

Blears is making a shot for leader when Brown is told to go.The fight for his job is on.She will be a front runner...thats how bad things are...God help us all.