Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chopwell and Rowlands Gill byelection result

Result just through in Chopwell and Rowlands Gill:

Lib Dem 898
Lab 1221
Con 177

Labour usually get in with a majority of 800-1000 so it is down heavily. If you look at my last post, it is in line with that.

The Tory vote however has been more than halved. Admittedly it was over two decades ago but the Tories used to be strong in Rowlands Gill. Now they barely register.
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Anonymous said...

May I suggest that low turn-out on this occasion might have a lot to do with confusion over the date?

While both your guys and Labour have been terribly busy delivering leaflets, you've focused less on emphasising the date. With media concentrating highly on the local June elections (I have seen NO MEDIA COVERAGE AT ALL, local or otherwise, of this one) had I not grabbed one of your own leaflet-deliverers yesterday to ask some policy questions, I would have cheerfully missed the date. I'm a motivated voter - I've not missed any type of election since I hit voting age. If *I'm* getting mixed up, others almost certainly are also. This is honestly a missed opportunity.

kevin scott said...

What was the turnout?