Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Health campaigning MP turns chocoholic!

Sharon Hodgson, the Comedy World's very own infiltrator into the world of politics, has just performed her latest comedy turn. So what has this Labour MP for Gateshead East and Washington West been doing as her latest entry in the Political Comedy Awards? She is demanding lots and lots of chocolate be added to food served up in schools. The specific demand is for chocolate on flapjacks that are served up for kids. So, in questions to Schools Minister Jim Knight in the Commons last week, far from raising something important, Sharon Hodgson opts to be the Chocoholics' pin up with an absurb question to the minister about chocolate no longer being permitted on biscuits in school.

The chocolate topping has gone because standards of nutrition of food served in schools have been tightened. Recent attempts by the government to tackle the obesity timebomb however have themselves been backed by Chocolate-Adoring Sharon. So you would have thought she would have been all in favour of leaving off the chocolate. Maybe healthy eating was just a passing fad for her, something to be nibbled when she felt hungry for a bit of media coverage, but otherwise wasn't part of her normal political diet. She is, after all, the person who demanded cheap cola, popcorn and sweets for kids in an early day motion recently though she then went on to demand "healthy" school meals are served up for kids.

Consistency is not something to be associated easily with Ms Hodgson. She is as useful to politics and the people she represents as a chocolate fireguard is to a list of useful household appliances!
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Andrea Cave said...

And I bet the chocolate she is demanding is not even Fair Trade

Anonymous said...

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