Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the oscar nomination for the best video shot on an island few have heard of is.....

I got a message tonight as I was sitting in Cowley St working on a Focus. It was from a major publiching company. They want to buy one of my videos! The price on offer is not going to make me rich but it's not to be sniffed at! It was shot on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean 18 months ago. All about how the islanders make salt from sea water! The only drawback is that I need to edit a high resolution version. That shouldn't take too long. I'll do it this weekend in between delivering Focuses and planting cabbages!

So, to the senior Labour councillor in Gateshead (the mayor!) who was talking to me at the Whickham Fayre on Saturday, and who poked fun at my videos - in a nice way of course - I have only one thing to say: keep watching my videos!
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