Thursday, May 28, 2009

Labour MP's tax claims collapse overnight

This may just be an unbelievable coincidence! Last night I blogged that the Labour MP for Durham City, Roberta Blackman-Woods, was claiming that households were saving an "average" of £200 a month due to the VAT cut. I calculated this would mean a family would need to spend £8,000 on VAT rated goods a month.

I made a return visit to her website where she made the claim this morning and found an overnight rewriting of the offending article. Alas, the fantastic claims for the VAT savings have collapsed as quickly as Labour's credibility. Now she is claiming a mere £200 a year saving.

Her press release however is well worth a read. It is a good lesson in how to write the most puerile drivel going:


Anonymous said...

You undermine your own credibility by milking what was obviously a typing error from the start.

kevin scott said...

I thought you might have commented on that local by-election in Middlesbrough last night, Jonathan?

Not looking too clever for the Tories!

Anonymous said...

a typing error? Chicken feed. The city of Durham MP is so out of touch with people it's a wonder she can touch the keyboard to type!!!