Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Tuesday morning blog: no, no, never, abolutely loyal, no way will I stand etc

The next stage of the Labour self-destruct process has begun. Or so it would seem. When Cabinet members have to tour tv studios on a bank holiday Monday to tell everyone they think the PM is wonderful, only person for the job, he walks on water, he is the only person who can lead Labour through difficult times, etc etc, then you know the rot has well and truely set in and the decline is terminal. Like a house suffering from dry rot, the structure is dangerous and costly to put right. Demolition is a better option.

I don't know whether to sympathise with the Lady Harriet or to laugh at her (possibly both). Her protestations that she doesn't want the leadership and will "never" want to be leader do not stand well beside what has clearly been a period of positioning by her. Nevertheless, she is almost certainly being completely honest when she says she does not want to be leader at the moment. After all, the chances of a heavy defeat for Labour are growing by the day, regardless of who leads them. Why grab the poison chalice now? Let Brown take the party to defeat then take on the role. It also avoids carrying the ignominy of being the PM with the shortest period in office.

So, Brown, as I have said on numerous occasions last year when Labour MPs messed about thinking they should dump him, is in post til the general election. After that, Labour will be reintroducing their very own style of bloodsport in which we are all spectators, assuming of course they are heavily defeated and go into opposition.

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Anonymous said...

Maggie Thatcher (love her or hate her - a bit like Marmite) spent 8 years repairing the mess she inherited from labour in 1979.

How many years of non Labour rule will it take this time?

Andy Swaddle said...

Only god knows that answer, because whoever inherits this country after these shysters. Has got a lot of work to do to repair it. I hope a B.N.P government can do it but any other party who has British interests at heart(without the lies and spin), will gain the love and appreciation of the true Brits.

Andy Swaddle.

Anonymous said...

I think any outcome is possibe at the next election. I only hope Labour are flattened and destroyed more than what the Tories were in 1997.