Friday, May 08, 2009

Hustings, allotment and video-making - it must be the weekend coming up

Sitting on the train to Newcastle, I've just had a look at my list of things to do this weekend. Tomorrow morning is the hustings meeting for the Blaydon selection. I've been canvassed by two of the candidates, missed a third who called when I was out, missed a 4th who phoned when I was out and have heard nothing from the fifth. Tomorrow morning we shall know. One of the two candidates who called in person came down to meet up on the allotment! That's dedication! However, I want to see how they perform tomorrow before I take a final decision.

None of the candidates however will be able to do anything other than agree to take large quantities of leaflets for delivery in the Chopwell and Rowlands Gill by-election. The leaflets will be handed out before the speeches. We anticipate getting lots and lots of them delivered this way!

I've also been lined up to do a few photos of historic buildings this weekend. And I have 2 videos to finish filming and editing. Weekends wouldn't be weekends however without work on the allotment. We have a load of courgettes and gherkins to plant and rhubarb to pick.

And finally, on Sunday evening, I have a meeting about a venture with which someone is hoping for our involvement. More about this another time if it gets off the ground.
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