Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend round up

It is Tuesday but it is the start of the working week. Nevertheless, there is no "Monday (or Tuesday) Morning Blog" this week. It's half term, the political stories are all about expenses and that has been done to death on this blog (though I guess we will return to it at some point) and I used my main bit of material on Sunday for what would otherwise be the Monday blog post.

So, instead, here's my roundup of the last couple of day. On Sunday I got my hands dirty on the allotment battling with the fantastic crop of weeds that insists on growing the moment my back is turned. Removing them is a vast but delicate operation that results in a gigantic compost heap and sore knees. We also went on a foraging expedition - well, a walk to Sunniside Park, looking for beech and sloes to pick in the autumn. We found what we were looking for.

And yesterday, we went along to the Northumberland County Show. Photos for this will follow some time this week. Back at the house I uploaded the video that I have sold to a publisher to their ftp site. A 3 minute video, high resolution, took up nearly a gig of memory space even when zipped. Quite how my old, creaking home pc coped I'm not sure but it took over 4 hours to upload to the site!
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