Friday, May 29, 2009

What's coming up this weekend

I am sitting on the train heading home at the moment with my blackberry buzzing every few minutes. People are responding to a message I posted up an hour or so ago on Facebook about myself. You have to be a Facebook friend to know what it is. I'm leaving the announcement on the blog for a short while but let's just say that it means quite a big change for me, I am looking forward to it and it is something I have been planning for years.

Anyway, with that tantalising glimpse into my future now done, let's look at what's coming up this weekend. Tomorrow morning I will be at the Sunniside Methodist Chapel Fayre. My trips there always result in considerable purchases of strawberry plants and cakes. I see no reason why tomorrow will be any different.

Then I'm writing and delivering more focuses as well as spending a bit of time on the allotment. I have an entire bed to dig over. I'm thinking of putting in our old Ford Escort under the scrappage scheme to get a new rotovator!

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kevin scott said...

No, it can't be! You are finally taking the plunge and joining the Tory party?