Monday, May 11, 2009

More about the mad, mad world of Labour

I forgot to mention the following in my blog post this morning about Labour's mad attack on us in a safe seat they are defending in a byelection in Gateshead. A quick recap - Labour spent the weekend putting out leaflets attacking our candidate and foolishly (for Labour) focusing all their efforts on attempting to rebut our campaign. The result is that the entire campaign is now being fought on our agenda which contains a whole string of negatives on Labour. It is a classic on how to boost an opponent and undermine your own candidate!

Anyway, the bit I forgot to include this morning was about one of the photos in one of our Focus newsletters. It was of our candidate outside a boarded up shop in the ward. We are campaigning for the area to be regenerated. Labour however claim the shop there has been open for business for the past two years. They allege that the photo therefore had to be taken over 2 years ago.

It was actually taken one month ago! This incredible Labour gaffe leaves me wondering how much the councillor, who made the attack., knows his ward.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing! If the truth really was known.

LittleMo said...

Both you AND Labour are displaying your complete and utter ignorance regarding knowledge of the local area, reference 'boarded "SHOP"'.
If either of your parties' candidates lived in Chopwell or your researchers had done their research properly you would be aware that it is not listed as a commercial property, it is a purely residential property lived in and owned by the occupiers, who I might add have children of school age who are finding the focus of the Liberal and Labour campaign distressing.

No permission was sought to feature this property, no prior warning for the family concerned and notably no copies of the Focus leaflet were posted through THEIR door. Indeed the leaflet was only brought to their attention by other members of the local community who believed that the feature was at the very least thoughtless , was wholly mercenary in its intent, and was issued and circulated regardless of any distress caused. I would add that this is not the first time mis information regarding this property has been used by the Liberals for campaign gain.

The family are feeling targeted.

More over quite notably the photograph used is selectively framed and whilst I can concede that a boarded front at street level does have an impact on the feel of the local area, what your picture does not show is that the top half of the building, floors 1 and 2 have been completely renovated. This is an on going project and a family home.

You and Labour are currently leading campaigns of MISINFORMATION - Do your homework/know your facts before committing them to print/check whom you are affecting

There is a very strong sense of community in Chopwell and you and Labour are not only displaying a very real and obvious ignorance of the area, but also a complete disregard for the impact upon the individuals concerned.

At a time when voter apathy is prevalent and daily scrutiny of politicians' scruples is headline news, this is utterly disappointing and simply not good enough.

kevin scott said...

That told them, LittleMo!

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps if this particular family did something about their property instead of living in a boarded up state for the polititians/campaigners to assume derelict.

LittleMo said...

A rather unhelpful and predictably simplistic response there 'anonymous'.

Of course the family want to finish the ground floor front facade, but present circumstances dictate that they cannot at this time. It is ridiculous to suggest that they are content and not looking for solutions to turn around it's current condition.

But surely as I repeatedly expressed in my previous comment, evidence for campaign agendas and policies should not be based or supported by, as YOU put it 'assumptions', they should have a sound and FULLY researched FACTUAL basis.

The simplicity of your comment really does demonstrate that we need intelligent and creative thinkers and doers, with a breadth of knowledge and experience to represent us at a policy and decision making level, if we are ever to find solutions to economic and social deprivation.