Thursday, May 07, 2009

An amusing incident I must pass on

A colleague of mine in the Lib Dem group in Gateshead passed this on to me and I was rather amused by it. I will not mention names or locations but here goes.

My colleague was delivering some Focus leaflets recently, one of which went through the door of the Labour councllor for the ward where my colleague was delivering. Inside Focus was a story about a local issue we were taking up. Moments after the Focus went through the door, the Labour councillor was running after my colleague demanding to know why Focus didn't mention anything about what he, the Labour councillor, was doing about the issue in question! He seemed most upset that he wasn't mentioned. (We weren't aware he had done anything about the issue and it did appear to have been left unsolved for some time.)

So it's nice to know that Labour councillors actually want to be mentioned in Focuses and also appear not to have thought of putting a newsletter of their own out in that area to explain what they do.

However, I am pleased to inform readers that tonight I wrote another Focus leaflet which does mention a Labour member and goes into a few details about what he has done recently. Gordon does, after all, provide us with some good copy for inclusion in Focus.
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