Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another "Well Done" moment for the Brexiters

While Jeremy Corbyn regards the EU as a capitalist conspiracy against the proletariat and the Tory Right regards the EU as a threat to the British Empire, EU institutions start the work of separating the UK from the world's most successful international organisation. We learn today that the European Investment Bank has, in effect, closed the doors on further medium and long term loans to public bodies and companies in the UK. The Daily Express accuses the EIB of being "bitter". Like so many in the Brexit camp, they simply don't understand that you can't have the benefits of being a member of the club if you resign and walk away from the club. If you aren't prepared to live by the rules, stop whinging when you can't get access to what those rules entitle you.

The loss of EIB investment could have a serious long term damaging effect on the economy, business growth and the establishment of high tech businesses in the UK. Well done Brexiters. That's yet another fine mess you've gotten us into.

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