Thursday, May 08, 2008

21 years as a councillor

It was 21 years ago today, at the tender age of 23, that I was first elected as a councillor in Gateshead. I gained the seat from the Conservatives who have since all but disappeared from Gateshead. I was the 4th member of the group. Now we are 24.

It is amusing in a sense to look back on that campaign. All three parties turned up at the count thinking they had won. The remaining Tory councillor in the ward came over to me when I arrived at the count and told me he was wishing me a "good second place." I wished him the same. Labour were as arrogant as ever, believing they were the people's natural choice, though the people had different views on the matter.

In the end, I was elected with a majority of 850 over the Conservatives and 1100 over Labour. Last week, my colleague Councillor Alan Ord was elected with a majority of about 1500 and 70% of the vote.

After 21 years, however, I am still amongst the younger of the councillors on the authority!

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope the conservatives getting over 500 votes from doing nothing doesn't encourage them to come out of the woodwork and campaign again.