Friday, May 30, 2008

The Friday evening blog - National Excess strikes again

I really, really, really want to get home having been away for 11 days. I get to Kings Cross station and what do I find? National Excess have delayed my train. It was meant to leave at 9pm. We were allowed on board at 9.15pm. When we were told we could board, there was a great surge of people dragging bags with wheels on. In the olden days, yes I am old enough to say that!, old ladies were the ones with bags with wheels on. Now, most of the population seems to have one and unlike those for old ladies in the past, the new ones come in all sizes, from juggernauts to handbags. In the stampede to get on the train, a number of people ran their wheels over my toes. Quite why people can't carry bags these days, at least the small ones, is a beyond me!

We have just been told the crew for our train is on a delayed train that has not yet arrived at KX. I am a great fan of rail travel but my patience with National Express is wearing a bit thin.

Deep breath and calm down.

So what did recess week bring us politically? Mayor of Doncaster expelled by Labour - he went out in style with some very colourful descriptions of Doncaster councillors; Labour at their lowest in the polls since, well since ever; Brown's ratings lower than Michael Foot's; confidence of people in the economy at its lowest since the depth of the recession under the Conservatives in 1990; Gordon Brown trying to put the blame for the mess on the oil companies; and finally, Mrs Thatcher appeared in Vogue magazine. Not to be outdone, I will be appearing in a Focus newsletter this weekend!

I am now pleased to announce that the train has just left KX.

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Andrea Cave said...

Could be worse Jonathan. You could be a Grand Central Customer travelling to/from Sunderland. You could, of course, give them a try.