Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brown uses GMTV to promote Crewe candidate - but what does she think of him?

Gordon Brown was on GMTV this morning doing his "I feel your pain" and "Believe me I am human, not a robot" turns. The usual unconvincing performance. No matter how much he tried to smile rather than snarl, he just does not convince anyone.

But what caught my attention was the discussion about the Crewe by-election. To give Brown his due, it was Penny the interviewer who raised the by-election by asking if he would be going there to campaign. The answer was no, but Brown then used the opportunity to name and praise Labour's candidate. Interview then over, and no mention by GMTV of the other candidates which begs various questions about compliance with the Representation of the People Act.

But it does come to something when the PM is on tv to discuss his legislative programme but then uses his appearance to talk up the chances of his candidate in a by-election.

Mind you, Brown's compliments to the hereditary Labour candidate for Crewe do not seem to be returned. A couple of days ago she was challenged repeatedly to say whether or not Brown was an asset. She repeatedly refused to answer. See the video here of her interview and judge for yourself: Is Brown an asset?

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