Thursday, May 01, 2008

Don't you just love those early morning deliveries?

Seasoned Lib Dem campaigners are used to starting election days in the early hours. Sleepy-eyed, we crawl out of bed whilst the rest of the world is sensibly snuggled up under a duvet. Complete with lists of streets and bundles of leaflets, we attempt to put "Good Morning" leaflets through doors without rattling letterboxes, slamming garden gates and waking up dogs. And once done, we get back home, grab a cup of tea, and put on the television to endure a few minutes of Lorraine Kelly interviewing Rick Astley on GMTV. It just doesn't get better than that!

I would have watched real news if I could get it on the tv but we had a Sky box installed on Monday, with the result that we cannot get any satellite channels at all. This was not quite what we had in mind when we decided to get the box put in. The man with the toolkit is coming out tomorrow to fix it.

I had the experience yesterday of my colleagues inflicting on me the worst delivery round they could lay their hands on. Mind you, I had it coming! It was my idea to put a target leaflet out in a particular ward in Gateshead (no I won't say which one as a significant number of readers of this blog are local political opponents).

Target leaflets are sometimes not always loved by those who have to deliver them as they have to ensure the right leaflet goes through the right door. Finding the right door in always the problem. It is amazing how many people don't have house numbers clearly displayed (or displayed at all) and how many streets are not signposted. Colleagues gave me an estate where the streets were back to front, merged into each other in an unexplained fashion and where house numbers were generally lacking. Thanks guys. It only took me 2 hours to deliver. But think of all that healthy exercise I got by repeatedly walking up and down the same street looking for those handfull of houses that just don't seem to exist!

Anyway, I am about to start my next bit of polling day work. And I will leave opponents guessing as to what it is.....

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