Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Tuesday morning blog: jam today in Cowley St

Well, here I am on the platform at Newcastle Central, waiting for the 7.40am train to Newcastle. After two weeks at home, I am having to head back to Cowley St to earn my living. I hear on the grapevine that there is a severe jam famine in Lib Dem HQ. The jam tap has, of course, been cut off for the past two weeks but travelling with me to London is a bag of goodies for the starving undernourished workers of Cowley St. Or rather, a bag of homemade jams and a large tin of posh tea. The latter is courtesy of my father who bought a load of Ringtons special edition teas and then passed some of them to me. Given they have sat in the cupboard for ages, we have decided to donate them to a needy cause in the form of Cowley St. So here we have it, unlike Gordon Brown and Labour, it's jam (and tea) today from the Lib Dems!

Train now approaching the platform. Over and out.
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