Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Comical Ali appointed as Labour spin doctor

Former Iraqi propaganda chief Comical Ali has been signed up as spin doctor for the Labour party. Or so you would think if you read the unbelievable claims from Reading Labour party who, according to their website, gave the Tories a "bloody nose" in the local elections. For the uninitiated, Labour lost control of Reading council on Thursday last week, losing three seats to the Tories. And rather carelessly, they lost the seat held by their leader to the Lib Dems. (Meanwhile, as of today Labour have lost another seat there as one of their own band has decided to go independent.)

Spin doctor Comical Ali then goes on to claim, "Labour's results in Reading show our strength locally in that Reading Labour Party has once again bucked the national trend."

I've heard of triumphalism in success, but triumphalism in defeat is a new one on me.

You can imagine this spin doctor's other claims: "Livingstone triumphs over Johnson", "Labour landslide in local elections", "Brown voted best PM ever", ad nauseum etc.

For a bit of enjoyment, visit the site of Reading Labour and have a good chuckle:

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Anonymous said...

How I would love you to interview Jason Smith from Westerhope Conservatives. Your blog would make even greater fun of him than you make of Reading Labour Party.

His claims in the elections and on his website are the most pathetic examples of barrel scraping I've seen - even beating Labour!

Mr Rye