Saturday, May 17, 2008

We have a new mayor

Full Council yesterday in Gateshead. We had had no indication before hand of who Labour were putting forward as mayor (all mayors in Gateshead - and deputy mayors - are Labour. They have never allowed anyone from the Lib Dems to hold the position. There are of course no Conservatives who could be offered it anyway.) So we found out in the meeting that the new mayor is Maureen Chaplin.

Maureen has been on the council for four years. I've had only one run in with her. She was once unhappy about a campaign I was running in her ward and so just before the start of a council meeting she walked over to me and told me just what she thought of my campaign. I have to admit that my estimation of Maureen went up considerably following her words with me. After all, she wanted to tell it straight, and that is what she did. And frankly we could do with a few more politicians like that. So Maureen, good luck. I'm sure you will do a fine job as mayor.

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Anonymous said...

I won't tell you what a certain Labour councillor told me about those who the Labour party choose to be mayor in Gateshead.

It wasn't very complimentary (though it might be sour grapes!!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you'll find it's the Labour ward councillors who have the relationship with Rutherford Football Club. Their view is that the football club is wonderful and must come first, therefore sod the residents feelings. They had photo taken at the rutherford field before decision was taken. The Libdems aren't much better as they also voted in favour of the plans at the planning.

Jonathan Wallace said...

A warning to Mr Swaddle and the BNP. I have not introduced comment moderation on this blog as I want it used for open discussion. That means people are welcome to put up comments as long as they are not offensive or aimed at promoting hatred. It may be that I disagree with comments posted up and it may be that they could be hostile to the Lib Dems. Accepting that people have different views to your own however is part of democracy.

However, though I do not wish to do so, any further attempt to post up unsubstantiated rumours could result in comment moderation being introduced.

You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the point I was making on the other page Jonathan. You have an excellent blog that I enjoy reading. It would be a great shame if you are forced down that route again.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the 'rumour' is baseless, Jonathan, with regards the football club.

As for what a certain Labour councillor in Gateshead said about the mayoral position: I'm quite happy to reveal who it was should you wish to call my bluff.

As for promoting "hatred": I have yet to call the Tories 'vermin', Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't promoting hatred Jonathan. I was merely asking if it is true that the lib/dem focus leaflet during the elections was meant to mislead the electorate in the lobley hill/bensham ward? It appears so. As I have on good authority, from someone very much involved with Rutherford f.c. And they have told me that you will be adressing the inaccuracies and printing a retraction along with a possible apology to the electorate for the misleading information. Which I and many other people including yourself (I would think) would be the very least that should be done in this day and age of growing resentment and mistrust of Councillors,M.P's etc.As for hatred I have no hatred of anyone and never have Jonathan. So I would really appreciate it, if you stopped deleting my posts and trying to say they contained traces of hatred it did not. Regards Andy.