Friday, May 09, 2008

The wrong seat from National Excess

Well, here I am, sitting on the National Excess service to Newcastle and as usual, the seat I booked is not the one reserved for me. Quite why they bother with the section on their website that allows you to book a particular type of seat is beyond me. It never seems to work.

And another thing. The journey time from Kings Cross to London has been increased by 20 min.

Okay, rant over!

The exciting news from back home is that our tomatoes, peppers, gherkins and various other seeds are now sprouting. Well, it just doesn't get more exciting than that! Trouble is, we now need to build a greenhouse. We do actually have one ready to put up. It's like a large Meccano set for adults (I wonder, do they still make Meccano?) Anyway getting the ground ready for it will be the key job for the weekend.

Mind you, it's not all fun playing with big boys' construction kits over the next two days. I am also heading up to Morpeth on Sunday to interview Jeff Reid, new leader of our vastly enlarged group on Northumberland County Council. There is a reasonable expectation he will become the new Council leader - we are the largest group and Labour carelessly lost half their councillors in the recent local elections. (For Labour it was a combination of meltdown, self detonation, suicide and having Comrade Brown as leader! Seems like a winning combination to me - certainly helped us to win plebty of seats!)

Jeff will be interviewed for the video newsletter I produce for members in the region. It's all very experimental at the moment. I will also interview Jeff for North East Democrat, which I edit. I am hoping to get the next edition emailed out to members this coming week. So at some point I had better get round to writing it!

I do of course have other things to do touching on other constituencies. No, I am not going to tell you which ones. I'll keep our opponents, many of whom are avid readers of this blog, guessing.

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Anonymous said...

> The journey time from Kings Cross to London has been increased by 20 min

So that'll be 20 minutes then? :-)

Jonathan Wallace said...

Okay, okay, so I screw up on the very minor point of where I am going and was only 300 miles out. A small mistake that anyone can make!