Monday, May 12, 2008

The Monday morning blog no. 2: the battle of the autobiographies

"War!? I must write my memoirs." So went the classic line from the Goon Show. The moment war was declared, there was a rush by the generals to go into print. It feels like we have had a similar experience over the weekend.

With Labour now falling apart at the seams, it appears to be first choice of the ancien regime to join the internal Labour war by lobbing a grenade at the embattled Prime Minister. Prescott, Levy and Mrs Blair are all on a roll with claims in their autobiographies about how bad Brown was under Blair. It all adds weight to the genuine belief that Brown is not up to the job of Prime Minister. Indeed, he is so bad that he has succeeded in making that fake, Cameron, look like PM material.

The battle of the autobiographies is just a sideshow carried out before these three reach the end of their shelf life. Who will be interested in them in a year's time? Get the cash rolling in now by getting their side of the story into print before people think they are very old news.

So it all adds to Brown's woes. But as I have said before, don't get carried away with the idea that Brown will be got rid of in coming months. To do that, Labour needs an alternative leader and at the moment such a person does not exist. And removing a prime minister after less than a year in office will make Labour look more of a laughing stock than they currently are.

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kevin scott said...

Other than Michael Crick of Newsnight who actually buys and reads these biographies?

Unless they are serialised in some Sunday newspaper, it makes you wonder how the publishers get their money back.

In a few months time, they will be piled up in a discount store gathering dust and being flogged off for a fiver.

Lord Levy's looks the most interesting of the three currently doing the rounds, though I am loathe to add to his bank balance, while I have no interest in Prezza's 'eating disorders' or Cherie's bitching.

Neither will starve (no pun intended) if no one buys their worthless books.