Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Email newsletter

I have just done my monthly email newsletter to constituents. The circulation for this edition is about 900 homes and businesses. One of the articles is about a planning application to demolish a house in my ward and build five on the site instead. The road with the house is Grange Lane (though four of the five houses will be accessed through Grange Nook, a rather tiny street that currently has 6 houses running off it). There have now been a number of applications for the same street which have involved the demolition of the old, larger houses, and their replacement with smaller ones. This is not a happy situation as this area is starting to split at the seams. The application is recommended for approval though my ward colleage, Marilynn Ord, is speaking at the committee tomorrow against the application and will be calling for a site visit.

The email newsletter also has links to a number of new videos. Some are new on YouTube, some have been up a couple of weeks (I now have 303 videos on YouTube!)

Newcastle City Councillor Doreen Huddart was in Cowley St tonight as I was leaving. She is involved with candidate selection processes and so she was in HQ for that. Not quite my idea of a gripping evening but someone has to do it. Whenever I see Doreen, I end up being asked to include an article in one of my members' newsletters. Tonight was no exception. She will have to email it to me quickly though. I am aiming to get the North East Democrat completed and emailed out this week.

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