Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First video with 75,000 viewings

I reached a milestone yesterday in my bid to populate the world with my very own YouTube videos! My top video, Inside a former Soviet secret submarine base, has now been viewed 75,000 times. I filmed it when I visited the Crimea in 2006.

It has now got a comfortable lead over my second most viewed video, Copacabana Beach, on 73,000. I filmed this one when I was in Brazil in December 2005.

My 3rd most viewed video, A trip on the London Eye, has just passed the 50,000 viewing mark.

In a couple of months I hope to reach half a million viewings of all the videos on my YouTube Channel. No doubt I will tell you when it happens!

Sadly I will be posting up videos of our allotment and our attempts to grow our own food! Watch out for these block busters later in the summer!

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