Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hazel Blears and her incredibly shrinking claims

Hazel Blears always strikes me as a bit of a Comical Ali figure for Labour, smiling away through the utmost Labour adversity, pushing the message that everything is fine. Well, I discovered on her website a claim which stretches the suspension of disbelief to breaking point.

According to a press release in her name, she claimed in April that national debt "had been paid off." And that meant the government was able to borrow lots of dosh.

Here's what she claimed:

Because the Government took tough action in the early years to pay off the national debt - when many argued the money should be spent elsewhere - the Government's borrowing can rise at exactly the time when the economy and working families need the support.

This was of course before Darling had to go his bank manager to borrow £2.7 billion to pay for the Crewe by-election.

Alas, if only the national debt had been paid off! Borrowing the cash for Crewe would therefore have hardly mattered. But since little Hazel was completely wrong in her claim, it means the government is virtually at its credit limit. The next by-election won't be so easy to finance.

Anyone wanting to read Hazel Jackanory Blears' bedtime stories can follow this link: Blear Farce One.

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