Friday, May 02, 2008

How things have worked out in the North East

Durham County at the moment tops our success story list. We have gone from 4 to 27 councillors. Part of the increase can be explained by the doubling of the size of the council, so in theory the baseline was 8. Not a bad rise. No one ever thought Labour would lose control, but they came very close. A handful of byelections over the coming years could finish Labour control.

Lib Dem controlled Newcastle is also on our success list. 4 gains from Labour and one loss in Wingrove. This loss was sort of expected. The ward already has two Labour cllrs and we have not been ablee to issue a knock out blow on them. But after 4 years in power, to make a good set of gains must be good news. Our people are telling me this is the largest we have been on Newcastle, and is now the largest Lib Dem group in the country.

In Gateshead, overall, one seat changed hands. Lib Dems gained Winlaton and High Spen from Labour. The balance on Gateshead is now 41 Lab, 24 Lib Dems and one independent Liberal.

No Conservatives elected in Newcastle or Gateshead. However, Conservatives have made some strong gains in Sunderland and have picked up three seats in North Tyneside and therefore have a majority on the council. However, this is a bit academic. The non Labour parties still don't have enough to block the Labour elected Mayor.

Still, if I were a Conservative in Sunderland or North Tyneside, I would feel rather chuffed! But if I were a Conservative in Newcastle or Gateshead, I would still feel I were in the middle of an arid desert. Mind you, were I a Lib Dem in Sunderland, with our single seat, I would feel I was in a desert.

I am picking up rumours of Lib Dem gains in Northumberland from Lab and Cons but I can't confirm this yet and we may have made some losses to independents. However, our people there are suggesting that overall we are up, Labour will lose control and generally Lib Dems are feeling positive.

And finally, just a thank you to all the political opponents of mine who told me at the count that they read my blog. I may have things to say about your parties occasionally but glad you like to read what I have to say!!!

And another "And finally" - message from my Labour friends in London is that Johnson has got it.

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thechristophe said...

We have won in Northumberland, coalition neccessary however...

kevin scott said...

Yes, you have a good blog here, Jonathan.

I enjoy reading it and making comments too.

An interesting night and morning (yawn!!) with still more to come for us political anoraks.

A good hold in Millfield, Sunderland, for the Lib Dems, as you say, and some gains for the Tories in some unexpected places (at least to me) in Sunderland, namely Doxford and Ryhope.

Independents also took Houghton, another former rock-solid Labour area, while Labour looked shell-shocked in many other places.

My party took 11% across the city with a couple of seconds and some solid votes. Redhill is still our strongest ward with a combined 33% nationalist vote on a split ticket.

We have two years to put that right!

In Gateshead, I was reasonably pleased with some 300+ votes and strong thirds. We are looking to save our deposit in the new Gateshead constituency at the next general election and do the same in Jarrow.

Barring economic meltdown and riots in the streets we will be giving Blaydon a miss(again)!

Some strong votes in South Tyneside, County Durham, Hartlepool and Newcastle for the BNP.

Primrose ward in Jarrow saw a good second place (again), while there was a BNP surge in Elswick which saw us grab second place and slash Labour's majority.

In Hartlepool, only fifty plus votes from taking a seat (the closest ever for us), plus some good scores in Chiltern, Tudhoe and Spennymoor in County Durham, in spite of a hate campaign by the Labour-backing Northern Echo.

Roll on next year's Euros!!

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

Congratulations to all in Northumberland and the parts of Durham and the North Riding that make up the new Durham Unitary Council. It was an excellent performance which has given more confidence to us here in Redcar.

Surely Carol will now go on to win Durham city at the General Election.