Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 empty bottles standing on my desk

One birthday (Will Howells) and one person leaving Cowley St (Andrew Reeves - heading north of the border to be the party's Deputy Director of Campaiigns for Scotland): both had to be celebrated today. So birthday boy meal was in Pizza Express at Millbank, one time home of New Labour and now buzzing with Conservatives (some cruel people would say they were the same!) And in the afternoon it was cake and Cava in the Campaigns Dept, next to our unit in Cowley St.

Cava means a ready supply of empty bottles suitable for making home made elderflower champagne. Collecting the empty bottles before they made it into the recycling boxes caused some amusement. And after everything quietened down, a further supply of empty bottles appeared on my desk.

They will be used tonight. I have 20 litres of elderflower champagne to bottle up when I get back to the flat.

Photos of today's proceedings will appear on the blog shortly. Turns out Will was born only a couple of weeks after Mrs Thatcher came to power in 1979. Now that makes me feel old!

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