Sunday, May 25, 2008

Typical - weather cold and damp in south, warm in North

We decided that for this bank holiday weekend, we would spend it in London rather than at home in Gateshead. And how typical. The weather down here is wet, cold and miserable. Meanwhile, both the weather forecast and Mother, who is looking after our house and our cat, inform us that the weather is fine back home. And in particular, there is no rain. Alas, the allotment needs a good watering - plenty of seeds planted recently - and we were hoping a little bit of rain would do the trick. Instead, we had plenty last night down here in London - at least it refilled the water butt. But nowt up north.

Fortunately, yesterday, the rain held off long enough to do our garden down here. It had not been touched since last year and for months now has been doing an increasingly good impression of London's very own suburban jungle. Now that everything has been cleared, we are sitting huddled around our log burner trying to get warm. The logs have been sitting in the back garden here for a couple of years, since we last did a major tree pruning exercise. Given the trees are now nearly 30 metres high, and the branches are heavily overhanging us, there may be a repeat tree surgery exercise of removing branches coming up. In the meantime, our neighbours here have just started up the bbq. The smells of summer are with us!

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