Friday, March 17, 2017

9-year-olds hunt in packs

Washingwell School History Talk Mar 17 (1)

With my historian's hat on, I was invited as part of Sunniside History Society's Fugar history project to do a talk to a class of 28 nine year olds at Washingwell School about life as a peasant 800 years ago. The focus of the talk was food and I took in with me some of the foods eaten in 1217 (nettles, wild garlic, a fresh trout, 2 quail, pig's trotters and pig's head). I also took in a selection of foods used today and the children had to work out whether or not those same foods would have been available 800 years ago.

I was grilled for an hour and a half by the children. I was exhausted by the end of the lesson. I was sent a note afterwards by a friend via Facebook that in her experience as a mother, 9-year-olds hunt in packs and she congratulated me on getting out alive!

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