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Sunniside History Society 25th Anniversary

Sunniside History Society 25th anniversary Mar 17 (8)

On Tuesday last week, Sunniside History Society celebrated its 25th anniversary. Founded in March 1992, it has been going strongly ever since. A celebration was held to mark the occasion with a birthday cake (cut by Eleanor Baty, one of the founders) and a quiz about events of 1992. My job was to write and present the quiz. It was a great evening and hopefully the Society will continue to be active in the next 25 years.

Sunniside History Society 25th anniversary Mar 17 (10)

In case you are interested, here are the questions. There were 2 sections. The first was about events of the year. My plan initially was to have one event from each month of 1992. I found that a few months had no outstanding events that would be remembered 25 years later so other months are over-represented. So how many of the following events can you remember? (Answers in brackets.):

1)February Which major sporting event took place this month and which country hosted it? Winter Olympics, France Albertville

2)February Who was caught with their pants down? Paddy Ashdown

3)February Which film won Oscars for Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins? Silence of the Lambs

4)March Which North East MP was arrested on Hampstead Heath 2 days before the General Election was called and which constituency did this person represent? Alan Amos, Hexham

5)March Which royal couple announced they were separating? Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

6)April John Major led the Conservatives to victory at the General Election. Which appropriately named horse won the Grand National a few days before? Party Politics

7)June The skeletons of which two people were found in Yekaterinburg in Russia? Tsar Nickolas and Tsarina Alexandra

8)June Which former Prime Minister entered the House of Lords? Baroness Thatcher

9)July The BBC launches which new soap opera? Eldorado

10)August Which city hosted the Olympics and how many gold medals did the UK win? Barcelona 5

11)September Britain suspended her membership of which international organisation? European Exchange Rate Mechanism

12)November Who won the US Presidential election, who was 2nd and who was 3rd? Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, Ross Pero

13)November Which major decision was taken by the Church of England? Ordination of women priests

14)November Which famous building went up in flames? Windsor Castle

15)November Which tv station, a joint venture of BBC and Thames Television, was launched? UK Gold

The send round was about prices in 1992. Members had to guess what certain goods cost that year. I've shown both 1992 and 2017 typical prices. By the way, from 1992 to the end of 2016, prices rose by 90% while wages increased by 117%.

Box of 20 cigarettes £2.08/£8.88

Average house price £52,187/£205,937

Litre of petrol 40.3p/120.9p

Nokia 101 £149.99 plus £25 plus VAT month line rental

Mortgage rate in May 1992 10%/3-4%

First class stamp 24p/64p

Frozen chicken per kg £1.55/£2.43

White sliced loaf bread 800g 73p/£1

Tea bags 250g £1.40/£3.98

Sugar 1kg 65p/69p

Milk 34p/pint/25p

Eggs £1.24/dozen/£1.75

Draft bitter £1.31/pint/£2.99

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