Thursday, March 30, 2017

The "Great Repeal" Bill

Thursday saw the publication of the so-called “Great Repeal” Bill which will transfer European law into British law, all 44 years’ worth, when the UK walks away from the EU and into isolation. “Great Repeal” is therefore a by rather ironic name. Parliament is then expected to spend the next decade unpicking all the European legislation incorporated into UK law and writing our own laws and regulations instead. 

It will be a rather pointless exercise. Assuming there will be a trade agreement, as the EU will be by far the senior partner, UK laws and regulations will need to reflect European decisions, laws and regulations so that UK businesses can continue to trade there. The idea that somehow we can get back our sovereignty by leaving the EU is nonsense. We will get it back in name only. And instead of being in a club of 28 equals, in which sovereignty over various issues is shared, we are now heading to a situation in which we are an isolated player versus a much, much larger united team which will set the rules for us even though we will have no say over them. This is not what I regard as being in the national interest.

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