Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Is Nissan planning to leave?

Journal Nissan article Mar 17

The Newcastle Journal carries a report today that sends a shudder down the back of the North East. The cost of Brexit to Nissan, without a trade deal when the UK leaves, could be as high as £500 million. No matter how that is spun by the Brexit extremists, it means there is a huge doubt over the future of the Nissan plant in the North East. And if Nissan goes, our region will be left with a gaping hole at the centre of its economy. Because of all those foreigners coming here setting up businesses and employing Brits to make foreign branded cars to sell to foreigners, the North East is the only region in the UK with a positive balance of trade in manufactured goods. Nissan are only here in the first place because of our place in Europe.

Britain taking back control? Only over Britain's power to create her own poverty.

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nigel hunter said...

I have been looking at the LDV sight. some comments say that we are sliding down the economic scale, from 4th to 6th. I have heard we are even 7th.
Boris talks about pencilling in trade deals. We need concrete deals not ifs or buts.
We ARE sliding down the economic league this will hit the car industry if CONCRETE support is not given too it.
We need to stay in the single market.