Monday, March 27, 2017

Labour: catching the wrong bus

Labour's announcement today that they will vote against any deal that leaves the UK with fewer benefits than are currently enjoyed by being full members of the EU is frankly unbelievable! Labour had a choice weeks ago. Standing at the Brexit bus stop, they saw two buses approaching, one heading for Soft, the other for Hard, Brexit. They flagged down the Hard Brexit service. They weren't just passengers on this bus. They actively helped the driver to navigate the obstacles and road blocks. They put fuel in the tank. They had a choice of destination and they opted for the wrong one. With the bus speeding towards Hard Brexit, there are no bus stops left for them to get off before the final destination.

It's a bit late now for Labour to announce they don't like the destination. They are stuck on board the Hard Brexit bus and no amount of moaning about the destination will change that.

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